Book Review: Lily’s Law by Danielle Torella

lily's Law“Lily, was her name and I wasn’t about to forget that any time soon. She is a wild one, I can see that, her black as night hair reminds me of a wild mustang running free. You don’t tame a woman like her, even when I told her to watch her mouth.”-Lawson

This book is a badass sexy strong girl type of book you will want to read when you’re a girl. It will make you feel this kind of feeling that you can achieve anything and take over the world.

Lily Stargazer is a total badass. What’s interesting is how she made it to the top coming from the bottom. Those kind of character makes me believe that anything is really possible. I mean, who would ever think that someone left by their own parents when still a baby to live in a trailer park with her grandparents would become a well-known on demand tattoo artist who travels the world, lives in a million dollar house ans own a Bugatti!!! What did I say? Badass right?

Lily will give you this kind of courage that makes you feel that no one can stand up to you and no one can put you down.

Maybe that’s why Lawson fell for her. Because sometimes, guys have this notion that they can tame the bad girl. Well, all guys loves the challenge I guess. And speaking of that, Lily’s got a line of guys trying to tame her. (And I think it goes both ways since there’s also this notion that girl loves bad boys, because they think they’ll be the one to change them. Too naive? I think so too, but it really does happen in the real world.)lily stargazer

“I need to make her see that she belongs with me. I don’t even care where we are, I just need her to be mine and her to want to be with me and me, no one else.”-Lawson

There are a lot of surprising details on the book that brings life to the book, but its for everyone to discover while reading Lily’s Law.

This book will make you feel like a badass, want a tattoo and make you drink wine.

5 stars for Danielle Torella for making such an awesome book. Thanks for making us girls feel that boys may be driving the car, but we’re stepping on the gas!! 🙂