Book Review: Lily’s Law by Danielle Torella

lily's Law“Lily, was her name and I wasn’t about to forget that any time soon. She is a wild one, I can see that, her black as night hair reminds me of a wild mustang running free. You don’t tame a woman like her, even when I told her to watch her mouth.”-Lawson

This book is a badass sexy strong girl type of book you will want to read when you’re a girl. It will make you feel this kind of feeling that you can achieve anything and take over the world.

Lily Stargazer is a total badass. What’s interesting is how she made it to the top coming from the bottom. Those kind of character makes me believe that anything is really possible. I mean, who would ever think that someone left by their own parents when still a baby to live in a trailer park with her grandparents would become a well-known on demand tattoo artist who travels the world, lives in a million dollar house ans own a Bugatti!!! What did I say? Badass right?

Lily will give you this kind of courage that makes you feel that no one can stand up to you and no one can put you down.

Maybe that’s why Lawson fell for her. Because sometimes, guys have this notion that they can tame the bad girl. Well, all guys loves the challenge I guess. And speaking of that, Lily’s got a line of guys trying to tame her. (And I think it goes both ways since there’s also this notion that girl loves bad boys, because they think they’ll be the one to change them. Too naive? I think so too, but it really does happen in the real world.)lily stargazer

“I need to make her see that she belongs with me. I don’t even care where we are, I just need her to be mine and her to want to be with me and me, no one else.”-Lawson

There are a lot of surprising details on the book that brings life to the book, but its for everyone to discover while reading Lily’s Law.

This book will make you feel like a badass, want a tattoo and make you drink wine.

5 stars for Danielle Torella for making such an awesome book. Thanks for making us girls feel that boys may be driving the car, but we’re stepping on the gas!! 🙂


Why I took a Facebook Hiatus

Been on a two-week Facebook hiatus and I have to say it’s a total breather. facebook on mac

A lot of people were asking why (especially my husband), well, because Facebook has been a drag and an inconvenience. It has been causing some problems in my life and I decided to have a break from the habit of using facebook everyday.

Most people want to do it but can’t. What I did was I deleted my Facebook App on my phone. Plus I stayed away from using my own account on PC.

I have a lot of realizations during this hiatus and it has been a long-awaited breather and an eye-opener for me. Here are some of it:

1. Facebook has become an unknown habit.
Some people don’t realize that Facebook has become one of their unavoidable habit. Its like one of the chores you have to do every day. You don’t realize at that moment you wake up and even before you brush your teeth that you look for your phone and open facebook. It’s like your personal newspaper. But seriously, who opens up a newspaper right after you wake up?!. People should greet whoever they’re sleeping with “good morning” first, or brush their teeth, Pray to God, fix their bed, drink their coffee or have breakfast first before going to facebook. Right? I don’t want to sound like a grandma (although I think I am. Sorry) but people have become so attached to their Facebook that its the first thing they do in the morning.
I think the best way to avoid this is to turn off your phone and/or put it away from you before you sleep. And speaking of that…

2. Sleeping with Facebook.
I remember that one time, it was bed-time for me and I was really sleepy but I was still skimming through my facebook newsfeed when I suddenly fell asleep and dropped the phone on my face!!! I know that happens to a lot of people too.
Because of my break, I started questioning the point of losing hours of sleep just to look at what’s happening around the world thru Facebook. I mean, is it really worth it? As for me, being a work-at-home mom and still breastfeeding, its totally not! I NEED(as in badly NEED) that 8 hours of sleep!!! I’d be lucky if I have 4 or 6 hours straight, but that rarely happens since I work at night and my son still breastfeeds when he sleeps. So yeah, that 8 hours of uninterrupted, peaceful sleep is on top of my dreamlist.

3. Facebook is full of fake people.
I guess this is not news. I know a lot of you have enemies on facebook. Enemies are given and some are even blocked on facebook but what ticks me is the fake friends. Its when a “friend” secretly “unlikes” your photo or status. Let me explain this further. Its that moment you see a friends picture or status and you roll your eyes thinking “ugh, not that selfie again” or “damn, he’s boasting about his new stuff again” or “ugh. not another photo of her baby!!!”. I think you know what I mean. Facebook may not have an “Unlike” button but our minds certainly do. It’s called ENVY. When you are not happy with what’s happening in the life of your (so-called) friend, then its time to look at the envy-mirror. We have to face the fact that everyone experience their own ups and downs so where else to share it but on facebook where everyone will see it.  Which brings me to point number…

4. It’s my wall and I can post what I want to. (bet you sung that in Lesley Gore’s “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” tune eh?)
To each his own, right? So why can’t we apply that to Facebook? Each person can post WHATEVER they want in their own newsfeed. It shouldn’t bother us that someone post a selfie everyday, or someone post what they’re eating at the moment or when someone post a video of their child talking, etc. You get the idea right? Why should it bother us when someone post something on their wall? Yeah we see it in our newsfeed, but isn’t that the purpose of it? to see what’s happening to everyone? if its a bother to see an update about that person, then why did you add or accepted him/her as a friend on facebook in the first place?

5. You have a life outside Facebook.
Like I said, this break had been my wake up call, to what? To life. During my break, I was able to pursue my dream to become an ARC reader, was able to spend more time with my husband and son, was able to interact more with people and was able to take care of myself. Oh, and I was able to blog again. I realized that facebook really takes a lot of your time, no, let me rephrase that…Facebook waste a lot of your time. It’s like Facebook is your Hiatus to Life.

So why am I going back to facebook? Because, why not? Its not like I’m going to deactivate because of the reasons above and a lot more. I just have to not let it become my habit again.

I still have a lot of realizations but I guess that’s for another blog. With all that said, I don’t hate facebook and I don’t suggest deactivating but I strongly recommend having a break from it every once in a while. Its a total refresher and it feels good.

Oh, and one last note: Never let facebook ruin your REAL relationship with people, whether its your spouse, family or friend. Facebook is just a social media. Its not you or your life.

I hope someone finds this post useful. See you on my next blog post!


Hey you, do you know that you make me smile?
Hey you, do you know that you make this day worth while?

I know I’m not the girl you wanna see,
but can I just tell you what’s deep inside of me?

You, you make my heart jump up and down
You, you make my world go round and round and round and round
Oh, If you only knew how much I’m so in love with you
Maybe you can make my dreams come true, with you.

Hey you, you put the rainbow in my sky
Hey you, you put the sparkle in my eyes

And I know I’m not princess in your world,
but can I just tell you I wanna be your girl.

You, you make my heart jump up and down
You, you make my world go round and round and round and round
Oh, If you only knew how much I’m so in love with you
Maybe you can make my dreams come true, with you.

Maybe we could give it a try.
I promise you won’t ever see me cry
Just please stop being so blinded
Cause’ maybe I’m the one you needed.

You, you make my heart jump up and down
You, you make my world go round and round and round and round
Oh, If you only knew how much I’m so in love with you
Maybe you can make my dreams come true
Baby can it be me and you…

For ALL Girlfriends..

You won’t be his first, his last, or his only. He loved before, he will love again but if he loves you now…WHAT ELSE MATTERS?

He’s not perfect, and neither are you and the two of you will never be perfect but if he makes you laugh, at least once causes you to think twice, and admits to being human, and making mistakes…HOLD ON TO HIM and give him all you’ve got.

He is not going to quote poetry.

He is not going to be thinking about you every moment,but he will give you a part of him, that he knows you can break.

DON’T hurt him.

DON’T change him.

DON’T expect too much from him.

SMILE when he makes you happy, CRY when he makes you sad and MISS him when he’s not there…


PS: This post is NOT mine. I just saw this wonderful love quote (and fell in love with it)  in

Tug of War

“Do not ever talk to me, call me or even text me anymore!”, Mark said to me with raging eyes as he points his finger at me then walked out the door. At that very moment I knew, our 6 years relationship is over.

The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; The one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin. –Proverbs 13:3

This has been one of the verses I try to apply in my life. I try to keep quiet or keep everything to myself than say something that can destroy or hurt somebody else. Martyrdom? Not so much. It’s really hard to keep everything only to yourself. People get heart attacks just by doing that. Well for me, all the hurt, the pain, the sorrow, it’s all inside of me. I keep everything to myself just so he can have his happiness. Well, Love means sacrifice. And not only to him, but to all people I know. I’m not such an open type of person when it comes to negative things. I’m an optimistic kind of person so I concentrate more on the positive side of things. I compliment people and do all ways to make them happy. I was once told by my Chinese professor as he looked into my palm, that I’ll sacrifice my own happiness for the sake of others.
I thought I could hide all my feelings of pain from him so we can have this beautiful relationship without fighting over something, but he suddenly said that he couldn’t feel my care for him, how could he marry someone who doesn’t really care about him. Ouch. He just busted the bubble. You know the feeling when you’re like pouring water into a glass, then slowly it’s getting full. If the water keeps on pouring and no one’s drinking it, it’ll overflow to the ground. My feelings overflowed like those water and I couldn’t stop it anymore. I said things which weren’t meant to be said out loud. Being the defensive type of person that he is, he said stuffs that just pierced though my heart.
We’re like players of a game called “tug of war”. I push, he withdraws and vice versa. Our relationship represents the rope. I pulled a bit too hard and he’s slowly letting go of the rope. This was the worst fight we ever had because this time, he’s the one breaking up with me.
I was in shock and I couldn’t move. All I could think of was…it’s over. Done. End. I heard him start his car and went out our gate. I felt my body heating up and I suddenly had this urge to get out of the house, not to go after him but to get something cold, something that can ease the burning pain I feel inside. I started my car and went out. I was surprised to see his car still parked outside our street. Since my maid’s already asleep, I had to close the gate. So I went out of my car, closed the gate and when I got back…He was there at my door.
Just to make the story short, we talked inside my car. Tugging our own side of the rope, again. Now, He’s trying to pull the rope and I’m the one ready to let go.
Compromise. That’s what we need. We eventually got tired of hearing each other’s reason so we just agreed upon some things. I have to be more open about my feelings whether it’s positive or negative. He, on the other hand, has to recognize and appreciate me more.
I once heard that out of every bad situation, good happens. Before ending this day, Mark told me that he’s proving his love for me by holding the rope so tight and he wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I push or pull. I told him that I would also hold the rope so tight no matter how rough it is. And maybe after years of holding our rope, we can tie the knot someday.

The Perfect Girl/Girlfriend


Yes, she exists. And NO, she’s not the supermodel type with the long legs and perfect skin. She’s even better. She’s the type of girl you’d overlook–she’d be your last choice. At worst she’s insecure, clingy, shallow, jealous, nagging, sensitive, emotional, dramatic, and annoying. But if you can’t handle her at her worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve her at her best.


What is a perfect girlfriend? They say there’s no such thing as perfection, and that she doesn’t exist.

Oh trust me, SHE DOES.

She dresses up all cute and pretty every time you take her out on a date. This is her way of keeping you interested as your eyes are locked solely on her. You stare at other girls instead, and she gets hurt and upset that all her time and effort were put to waste.

You call her insecure.

She holds on to you like she’s never letting you go. This is her way of telling other girls that she’s lucky that she has you, and no, you’re not available.

You call her clingy.

She calls you the sweetest nicknames, or ones that only you two will understand. This is her way of saying how special you are, and that there’s nobody else in this world like you. You call other girls “babe” just as how you would call her, and she gets disappointed.

You call her shallow and jealous.

She checks up on you, making sure you made it home safely or that you’re not out getting yourself into any kind of trouble. This is her way of showing how often she thinks about you and that she worries constantly because that’s how much she cares.

You say she’s nagging.

She cries when you do or say something wrong. This is her way of saying “That hurts only because YOU said it and I love YOU.”

You call her overly sensitive and emotional.

She loves you more than you love her. This is her way of dealing with the fact that your relationship wasn’t like how it used to be, but she is willing to make room for more love and some changes. You push her away.

You call her dramatic and annoying.

So go ahead. Leave the insecure, clingy, jealous, nagging, overly sensitive, annoying girl. She will soon be much happier in the arms of someone who actually deserves her: the perfect boyfriend.


PS: This post is NOT mine. Saw this while tumblr-ing 🙂

[K-Pop Music] Big Bang & 2NE1- Lollipop

I have never been a big fan of K-Pop…before I stumbled upon 2NE1 and Big Bang. Now, it’s one of my favorite genres. Even though I don’t really understand what they say, I love the beat they produced. I also love the way they dress. It is so unique, colorful and cool. Oh, and their dance moves!

The video above is called Lollipop by Big Bang and 2NE1. It is such a nice collaboration since Big Bang is a group of Korean boys and 2NE1 is a group of Korean girls. They are both famous groups and I’m so glad they collaborated in this song. Well, I hope you all enjoyed Lollipop! Till next post!

Mini Keyhole Dress

I’ve been so in love with mini dresses ever since I turned 18 [My debutant dress is even a mini with lots of Swarovski jewels]. Mini dresses make anyone look sexy and chic. It can be worn with leggings, pants, or even plain. This mini dress I designed features a small keyhole in the chest, under the halter neckline. Dress fastens at the back with two buttons above the keyhole at the back. Keyholes are a great way to add small revealing holes in your dress. I’m planning to use breathable, lightweight material in different colors. And of course, Fitted design.

Fashion is my Passion- Lana Parcs

Hello world!

Hello World! I’ve been so busy thinking what to blog about and what this site would be about. My life, my interest, photography, modeling, make-up, fashion, music, movies, baking, food, etc. So I’ve decided to include everything on this blog. I’ll write whatever and whenever. I’ll also try to write daily but NO PROMISES. I used to say that in my other blog,  but I failed. haha. So anyway, I’ll try to fix my WP page then i’ll start to post more interesting stuffs. Till next post!        xoxo, LP